Fascinating Longevity Calculator Estimates Your Life Expectancy

Fascinating Longevity Calculator Estimates Your Life Expectancy

We are often told to save for retirement and, to determine how much money we will need to retire comfortably, estimate our retirement expenditures. However, any estimate of retirement expenditures must take into account our anticipated life expectancy–something that varies from individual-to-individual, depending on our genes, diet, lifestyle, and attitude.

To take some of the guesswork out of estimating one’s life expectancy, Dr. Thomas Perls, a leading expert on longevity and aging at the University of Boston School of Medicine, has created a fascinating Longevity Calculator. The Calculator walks you through a series of questions and then gives you your anticipated life expectancy, detailed feedback respecting your answers, and suggestions for increasing your life expectancy. I was happy to learn I could increase my life expectancy by six years by making some simple changes. Indeed, cutting down on sweets to 1-2 times per week or less was estimated to increase my life expectancy by 1.75 years.

Answering the questions posed on the Longevity Calculator will likely take you about 10 minutes–time well spent if the results and feedback prompt you to make changes that will allow you to live longer and, thus, better estimate your retirement expenditures. So, go ahead; give it a try.

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